Monday, October 15, 2012

Sonar Tori - A social group of energetic young bodies

We are a government registered social group of energetic young bodies, who always wantto project the group in the heart of society by doing something effective when required. We are always keen to help people when they really need it. Our work, our culture, our desire & our willingness to work for people made us one of the most powerful (not monetary) organisation in our locality where almost 40% people are in BPL list.

We are the few people among them who are always facing all social, cultural and geographical disadvantages of a rural area. Being with in our capability we always try to offer a better life to people by means of social or cultural. There are always a strong feeling to build a better society which the current and next generations can enjoy being each for other.

In a country or state of political influences we are the exceptional with a non-political mindset and image which made us possible to get every color under one roof. We count only three things in our path  i.e. moral, social & people.                                           

Official Website:
"Mile Mishe Kori Kaj Hari Jiti Nahi Laj"

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