Thursday, November 1, 2012

Negative Space 2012 - Contest

This is an Advanced level contest
Negative space can be a place your mind retreats to when things aren't going well, but in this contest, we will use negative space in a much more positive way.

Many successful photographs have a subject that stands out. Using negative space, you can accentuate an interesting subject. Patterns and texture are ok to use as long as they don't detract from your main focus.

In this contest, you are to accentuate your subject by using empty space. To do that, the background should be monotonous and boring yet also complement the subject as in 'Fog's Gate' by mangoslushy

NOTE: Quality will be strictly enforced in this contest. So please bring us your best and don't be offended if your picture is disqualified.
Important Notice:
  • All entries must abide by the the entry requirements as stated in the FAQ.

  • A full list of editing allowances and restrictions can be found here
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