Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Details About Blue Moon

Blue moon is phenomenon of occurrence of moon twice is a given particular calendar month. As we know full moon completes one revaluation around the earth every 29.5 days, which basically ensure that there is one full moon every month. However, as we know, every month but February has at least 30 days in it, which shows the probability of occurrence of moon twice in a month.

Since, this is not a common phenomenon, hence given a name “Blue Moon”. A Blue Moon happens on average about once every 2.7 years This is only reason people generally say to their friends or relative that to see “once in a blue moon”.

August 2012 - is one of these unique months, which will have two full moons. There will be a full moon on August 2nd, and then another full moon on August 31st.

Other way round of same thing is that it can be the third of four full moons in a single season. Or in a simple words it accounts for times when there happen to be more full moons than is convenient. As a general perception, moon will not have blue color on Blue moon day, it will a normal full moon only.

Next Blue Moon will be on Jul.31 2015, 10:42, 13:58 and previous blue moon was on Jul.31 2015, 10:42

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