Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SRM students bag space capsule design honour

The SRM university team that won the aeronautical engineering contest. — DC
From this part of the world comes a competition to Virgin Galactic’s enterprise on space tourism, as the  student team from SRM University, which recently won the space transportation design competition of
Amercian Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics  is confident of sending 1,000 people   to explore  the space by 2025.

After winning an award for the eco-friendly aircraft design at NASA Green Aviation competition last year, again the SRM team has bagged  the third position  at Undergraduate Space Transportation Design Competition 2011-2012 organised by AIAA.
The SRM University Aerospace Design Team calls their transportation vehicle by a Sanskrit name NAVSHITIZ VAHAK— The Carrier Of New Horizon. This big dream is propelled by a eight-member team led by final-year student Pate Sweety Prakash and her teammates: Joel Alex Roy, Anku Aravind, Rajdeep Chowdhuri, Sarnavi Mahesh, Jeevraj Hejmady, Ravi Shakya, Rishabh Bana, all from final year and pre-final year of Aerospace Engineering. Sarnavi Mahesh, one of the team members, said, “This design competition required us to present an innovative design and also a commercial business plan for the Earth- to orbit passenger vehicle.”
 After multiple attempts, the design team came up with a blended wing body design, which will fuse the wings and the fuselage, so that it provides the Nav Shitiz Vahak the minimum drag and provide lift  as well control during atmospheric flight. It also minimises fuel consumption and provide significant payload advantage.  Though the team was very excited about their award, they are aware of the task ahead. Jeevraj Hejmady, Ravi Shakya expressed hope, “We will all work to bring the  conceptual design into  a real time design. There is a lot of work and we are committed to it”. By 2025, they plan to send 1,000 people to the space adventure, which will comprise 50 people per trip.


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