Saturday, June 23, 2012

ANswer to Question 9


Venus is the second planet from the sun and a close neighbor to the earth. It was named after the Roman Goddess of Beauty. Venus is usually one the brightest objects in the sky, which might be the reason it got its name. It is quite similar to the planet earth mainly in its size and a few other characteristics which is why it is often considered the Earth's twin. However, surface conditions are not nearly the same making it a quite inhospitable environment.

Here is some general information on Venus:

  • Diameter (miles)= 7,521
  • Mass (trillion trillion lbs)= 10.738
  • Density (earth=1)= .95
  • Gravity (earth=1)= .88
  • Period of Rotation (hours)= 5,832.2
  • Escape Velocity (mph)= 23,042
  • Major Atmospheric Gas= Carbon Dioxide
  • Inclination of Equator (degrees)= 2.6
  • Known Moons= 0
  • Mean Orbital Velocity (mph)= 78,364
  • Minimum Distance From Sun= 66.8 (millions of miles)
  • Maximum Distance From Sun= 67.7 (millions of miles)
  • Mean Distance From Sun= 67.2 (millions of miles)
  • Period of Revolution (earth years)= .63

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