Friday, June 22, 2012

Question 9: 22 June 2012

Q9: Why Venus is also known as Twin of Earth?

Hint: Post "Solar System: Facts about Venus"


pranav singh said...

It is called twin of earth because of its similar size to earth.

pranav singh said...

And its diameter is also slightly smaller than earth.and gravity of Venus is 90% of earth.

Abhishek Singh said...

Venus has approximately the same mass as the Earth yet it is a hellish place where surface temperatures are over 400C and the surface pressure is a hundred times that on Earth. The key to understanding Venus lies in its atmosphere, which is much thicker than Earth's.

Shubham Tyagi said...

They happen to be about the same size, and have adjacent orbits in the solar system. At a time when little more was known about Venus, it was dubbed "Earth's twin". People seriously expected to find jungles or swamps there.

Shubham Tyagi said...

And also they are very similar gravity, and bulk composition
,but not temperature, atmosphere,
or ability to support life.

Its mass is 82% of Earth's mass, its density is 89% of Earth's density , and its diameter is 95% of Earth's diameter.