Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Venus Transit - Watched by Club Members

Dear members,

Thanks for making this event successful one. Members showed the enthusiam and participated actively. Here are few pictures taken during the event. Though in morning we are not able to see the venus accross the sun. But some of the members ( Kritisunder Giri, DMR and Gurpreet) confrmed the visit of venus accross the sun.

Sun behind the clouds in morning.

Club members ( from left to right) Abhishek, Naphees, Jaspreet, Pranav, Rajat, Shubham, Siddhant and Trivendra.

Members enjoying refreshment after the event.

Event discussion with team.

Club members ( from left to right) Pranav, Naphees, DMR, Shubham and Rajat

Thanks again...looking forward to support the club...together we can see unseen universe...DMR


Jaspreet Singh said...

Even i saw the transit.. but at 8:00 clock.. when we departed out of the place.

Kriti Sundar Giri said...

I also felt the beautiful transition and thanks to DMR for making the solar view goggles available to me.

Joheb said...