Saturday, July 21, 2012

Curiosity: Body Structure

Just to keep Curiosity active and able to move, scientist tried to give similar features as of a living creature on earth.

Curiosity and a creature have something common
  • Body: a structure that protects the rovers´ "vital organs"
  • Brains: computers to process information
  • Temperature controls: internal heaters, a layer of insulation, and more
  • "Neck and Head": a mast for the cameras to give the rover a human-scale view
  • Eyes and other "senses": cameras and instruments that give the rover information about its environment
  • Arm and "hand": a way to extend its reach and collect rock samples for study
  • Wheels and "legs": parts for mobility
  • Energy: batteries and power
  • Communications: antennas for "speaking" and "listening"

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