Friday, July 6, 2012

Radio Galaxy

Radio galaxies are usually elliptical and generally emits very high amount of the radio waves.

They typically exhibit two lobes of radio frequency emission that are often approximately aligned with the jets observed in the visible spectrum and that may extend for millions of light years.

The centers of radio galaxies are active galactic nuclei, and many expel one or more jets of matter directly from the nucleus that can be observed in the visible spectrum and extend for millions of light-years.

They are predominantly luminous systems. They are more likely to have companions or be in groups or clusters than optically similar radio-quiet galaxies

ATCA image by A. Koekemoer, R. Schilizzi, G. Bicknell and R. Ekers


shubhendu amitabh said...

why every thing in the universe taken a mass?
Mass come from where...?

DMR said...

Dear Shubhendu,
This is something which is not yet confirmed, but people are work to resolve this mystery.

That is reason, LHC project was launch to know about this unknown thing which is supposedly " God Particle".

This Particle have something which can explain us how this universe found and have mass and other properties. Please read article on "What is God Particle" on my blog.