Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Skylon: A Giant British Space Plane

Skylon is a British space plane under development by the U.K.-based Reaction Engines, Ltd. The space plane concept vehicle consists of a slender fuselage containing propellant tankage and payload bay, with delta wings attached midway along the fuselage carrying the SABRE engines in axisymmetric nacelles on the wingtips. The vehicle takes off and lands horizontally on its own undercarriage.

The Skylon concept space plane payload bay can be used for a wide variety of missions, and can carry up to 16.5 tons to low-Earth orbit.

With a Personnel and Logistics module in the payload bay, cargo, supplies and crews could be delivered to the International Space Station by the proposed Skylon vehicle, extending the outpost's useful life.

With additional modules, a refuelling base could be constructed for ‘Fluyt’ orbital transfer vehicles by the Skylon space planes Adrian Mann 

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