Thursday, July 19, 2012

Question 32: 19 July 2012 (Week 29)

Q32: What is termed as " 7 Minutes of Terror" related to Mars.


Sourav said...

NASA's Curiosity is scheduled to arrive at Mars on 6th August. Curiosity is going with velocity of 13,000 mile an hour and when it enter into the environment of Mars it a big challenge to control it and get its proper landing with this speed. So NASA is preparing to reduce the velocity of Curiosity from the actual velocity to zero in 7 minutes for proper landing on Mars. Thus the term named as 7 MINUTES OF TERROR.


Harsh said...

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity,is going to be land on mars on 6th august
but the landing on mars is risky because when it enters in the mars atmosphere then because of so much speed there is a danger of blasting so to prevent it from blasting scientists have to control its speed and reduced its speed in 7 minutes and this is known as 7 minutes terror